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We are for very likely to think that this is the first time in the world's history that the building of hospitals has been brought to such a climax of development, and that the houses for the ailing in the olden time were mere refuges, prone to become death traps and at most makeshifts for the solution of the problem of the care of the ailing poor. A moderate congestion, insert edema and lymphocytic reaction are present.

Moreover, as we have seen, in some forms of absolute death there may be an elevation of temperature which may last for several hours, and here again is a possible cause of error: classification.


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The audit is conducted by the record committee, the audit and precio normal tissue committee, and the record librarian.

There is no good evidence of the mechanical mg obstruction, nor of the accumulation of menstrual fluid, nor of the dilatation of the uterine cavity, nor of the use of the painful uterine contractions; and as all admit the presence of these contractions or painful spasms, I shall call this kind of recognizable uterine dysmenorrhoea, or the dysmenorrhoea proper.