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Sulfonal is a good does hypnotic in these cases.


The only difference we know in the two conditions is the fact that in the one the contractions after a few moments cease, while in the other case, is through the coagulation of the muscle albumen, irreparable damage is done. Complained of having Uist blood by the burning rectum mouths after the appearance of diabetes. Vet I may point out, amongst other causes, the conservative suppository nature of the English method of teaching, the natural distaste to acquire facility in the employment of a new instrument, and the defective organisation of special departments in many general hospitals. With the progressive development of the disease, however, and particularly with the involvement of the viscera, subjective manifestations usp increase in number and intensity. I want to say something about the lying-in woman getting tired of and vexed at the accoucheur's meddlesome assistance (it). With a view of drawing the organ down and separating it from its peritoneal attach meat; but I was thwarted io my attempt, by adhesions which were found to exist anteriorly between the anterior wall of the vagina and uterus "samping" to the posterior wall of the bladder, and posteriorly to the lower wall of the vatrina and anterior walls of the rectum. For take the pale mucous membrane and the tenacious mucus, the nausea, etc., of marasmic babies, it should be and is helpful. Peritonitis may be secondary to chronic Bright's disease, gout, generic and arterio-sclerosis; in such cases the special irritants probably reach the membrane through the general circulation.