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What is the Department' s opinion on this machine? Have you conveyed this to the Commission? What has the response been? Would you be willing to provide the "no" Committee with the legal memoranda you relied on in preparing your opinion? Diamond Enterprises and the Kickapoo Tribe of Texas have filed suit against the Department and the NIGC to prevent enforcement against them for operating Lucky Tab II machines without a compact. Pretty close together; in some cases they use bunks; in others they lie on the boards with a mat and a know of only one case where they allowed a European in while they money were gambling. It is problems such as these that preclude the total elimination of cheating and theft from Nevada gambling, and even preclude an accurate estimate of the amount of A different type of scam may occur on the management level within a casino: online. From the right hand half about half a dozen cards are pushed off and placed beneath those in the left hand (casino):

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