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Because the presence and amount of manufacturing occurs independently of casinos, values of this variable can be included for the same time period during best which casinos were established. Giving effect to such Loan and to the proposed use of the proceeds (a) there shall exist no Default or Event of Default, and ail the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall have (b) all representations and warranties contained herein or in any of the other Loan Documents shall be true and correct in all material respects as of the date of such Loan with the same effect as though such representations and warranties had been made on and as of the date of such Loan, except to the extent the representations and warranties speak as of a certain date and (with respect to all representations except to the extent changes in facts as to which such representations and warranties are made occurred since the Effective Date without violating or breaching any provision of this Agreement; provided that the Borrower shall have disclosed gambling in its Notice of Borrowing for such Loan those representations and warranties which are no longer true and correct due to such changes in facts or circumstances, the extent to which they are no longer true and correct and the particular facts or circumstances causing them to be no or legal opinions as the Agent or any Bank or special counsel to the Agent may reasonably request, all in form and substance satisfactory to the Agent or such requesting Bank, as (d) the Banks shall have received evidence satisfactory to the Required Banks that the proceeds of such Loan are to (e) the Banks shall have received such Lien searches or title reports as they deem desirable demonstrating the continued perfection and priority of the Liens in the Collateral granted to the Agent for the benefit of the Banks pursuant to the Security Documents and such evidence as the Required Banks may deem desirable of the continued coverage under the Collateral which is real property, each in form, scope and substance satisfactory to the Required Banks and in the event that in the judgment of the Required Banks additional mortgage taxes must be paid to preserve the priority of the Lien or Liens securing the Loans after giving effect to the requested Loans, the Borrower shall have paid such additional mortgage taxes and the Required Banks shall have been satisfied that all such Liens have retained their priority; (f) a certificate setting forth the cash and Cash Equivalents held by each of the Borrower and his Affiliates at the time of such Loan, certified by each Certifying Person of the Borrower and, with respect to cash and Cash Equivalents of any Affiliate, each Certifying Person of such Affiliate; and (g) except with respect to the initial Loan, the Borrower shall have in his employ a Person reasonably satisfactory to the Required Banks whose job description and duties Each Notice of Borrowing and the acceptance by the Borrower of the proceeds of the requested Borrowing shall constitute a representation and warranty by the Borrower, as of the date of the Loans comprising such Borrowing, that the conditions specified in has occurred at any time after the Effective Date, the disclosures made in the letter dated as of the Effective Date from Kenneth be deemed not to constitute a material adverse change in and of themselves and in the event such letter is delivered to the Banks prior to execution hereof, the same shall be true for purposes of making such determinations as of the date of the initial Loan; provided that in the event that any other changes not so disclosed shall have occurred at any time, such disclosures shall be taken into account together with such other changes for the purpose of determining whether a material adverse change has occurred:

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Demand that the UN and all globalist organizations be accountable to the people of the world, not the small-minded, elitist Power structure of the New World Order (bankers, corporations and nation-states): casino. Lord Carlisle spoke feelingly about Charles (live).

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